I am Rita Peterson, an energy healing practitioner and teacher specializing in Universal White Time Healing, the Board of Knowledge, Gemstone and Mineral Healing, and Reiki.  My desire and intention is to assist and support as many as I may reach, to help raise your energy, your vibration to the highest you are intended to complete.  To assist you in finding joy, love, happiness, comfort and peace while seeing yourself in your own Light.

Energy healing sessions, any of the modalities I have been trained in, is given to anyone from our Higher Power, you only need to be open to the gift and receive. A session is very relaxing, peaceful, and comforting. Your body, spirit, soul is balanced as one.  You will feel very centered.

Animals, all living creatures, and Mother Earth will also benefit from energy healing.  If love, light, and healing is needed for someone not able to accept in person, distance healing may be performed. This method is very effective.

You can benefit from any of the modalities I offer.  Sessions of Universal White Time Healing or Reiki lasts approximately 45-50 minutes for adults.  Children, babies, and animal sessions are much shorter.  I may also add Gemstones and Mineral healing to the session along with Board of Knowledge.  I offer and you may choose a Board of Knowledge session alone, which is not a healing session in our interpretation of the word, it is very, very powerful as it helps you in your spiritual growth.

With pleasure I offer these services thru my business, Essence of Healing.  I recently read, there is a saying in Kabbalah: “When you grasp a piece of Essence, you are grasping the Whole.”   Every time you (or I) touch our Essence we bring new light into everyone and everything in Creation…enabling them in turn to touch their own Essence. They will shine new light to others, to us, and on it goes I am grateful and blessed my journey is to assist you on your path.

Please refer to the Contact Page to schedule any sessions or any classes you may be interested in.  I am happy to discuss further the modalities I offer. Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you.

“In the Higher Power’s Eyes, we are all the Same.  One day we will all have perfect wings.”

-as sung by Mark Wills


Upcoming Universal White Time Healing Classes:

Level One:  Contact Rita for October 11th & 12th, 2014 class, please!

Level Two:  September 11th & 12th, 2014. Contact Rita! (Level One prerequisite)

Watch for more upcoming classes! Those who have taken Level One or One & Two are eligible for Upgrade and Initiation.  Anyone interested may have a Board of Knowledge session, no education needed.  Please connect on the Contact page if you are interested. I look forward to talking with you.


Monthly Affirmations – 2014

AUGUST:  A few months ago a student/friend gifted me a book “The Signature of All Things” by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It took me a couple months to read it, yet it’s always the Universe’s time you are to be given some message that I knew I needed to share as this month’s affirmation. In a conversation in the book between a man and woman beginning a relationship, the man shares his read and believing related his experience.  He read “God had pressed Himself into the World, and had left marks there for us to discover…this Divine Imprimatur is a kind of holy magic, and that this magic is the only theology we will ever need…we could learn to read God’s prints…” the man continues with sharing his experience after reading and believing the above: “I met the divine, Or I believed I did.  I had the most magnificent thoughts.  I could read the language hidden inside trees.  I saw angels living inside orchids.  I saw a new religion, spoken in a new botanical language.  I heard its hymns.  I cannot remember the music now, but it was exquisite.  Also, there was a full fortnight when I could hear people’s thoughts.  I wished they could hear mine, but they did not appear to.  I was kept joyous by exalted feeling, by rapture.  I felt that I could never be injured again, never touched… I was-unparticled…Such knowledge came to me! For instance, I renamed all the colors!  And I saw new colors, hidden colors.  Did you know that there is a color called swissen, which is a sort of clear turquoise?…I saw halos of swissen, surrounding certain trees, and certain people.  In other places, I saw crowns of benevolent light where there should have been no light at all.  This was light that did not have a name, but it had a sound.  Everywhere I saw it-or, rather everywhere I heard it-I followed.”

I wish for each of you to experience that which was a fiction book but in reality it is not fiction.  I believe this is Hope, for the New Earth shares new colors, colors and light that is sound, trees & plants & animals sharing their sound, music beyond the beauty we can imagine, joy and love recognizing God’s prints.  Follow this sound, this hope, visualize your utmost desires of love and beauty that you will experience in the New Earth!!! Believe. Ese’


PLEASE NOTICE:  I am now offering personal Board of Knowledge consultation/sessions.  This unique Ancient Knowledge was taught by Channie West, our Ambassador of Universal White Time Healing, in July, 2013.  I was blessed to take this class with this beautiful blessed soul, Channie, and become a Giver.  The Knowledge gives you an opportunity to open up so you can evolve and grow in the exact right direction for you.  Because we each are unique and you have your individual gift in life.  “Steps of Opening” are given, specific symbols for you, leading you closer your personal journey to Enlightenment.  Please refer to the Contact page to let me know you are interested in an in person or distance session. Thank you!

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