I am Rita Peterson, an energy healing practitioner and teacher specializing in Universal White Time Healing, the Board of Knowledge, Gemstone and Mineral Healing, and Reiki.  My desire and intention is to assist and support as many as I may reach, to help raise your energy, your vibration to the highest you are intended to complete.  To assist you in finding balance & harmony in your every day life, to experience joy, love, happiness, comfort and peace while seeing yourself in your own Light.

Energy healing sessions, any of the modalities I have been trained in, is given to anyone from our Higher Power, you only need to be open to the gift and receive. A session is very relaxing, peaceful, and comforting. Your body, spirit, soul is balanced as one.  You will feel very centered.

Animals, all living creatures, and Mother Earth will also benefit from energy healing.  If love, light, and healing is needed for someone not able to accept in person, distance healing may be performed. This method is very effective.

You can benefit from any of the modalities I offer.  Sessions of Universal White Time Healing or Reiki lasts approximately 45-50 minutes for adults.  Children, babies, and animal sessions are much shorter.  I may also add Gemstones and Mineral healing to the session along with Board of Knowledge.  I offer and you may choose a Board of Knowledge session alone, which is not a healing session in our interpretation of the word, it is very, very powerful as it helps you in your spiritual growth.

With pleasure I offer these services thru my business, Essence of Healing.  I recently read, there is a saying in Kabbalah: “When you grasp a piece of Essence, you are grasping the Whole.”   Every time you touch our Essence we bring new light into everyone and everything in Creation…enabling them in turn to touch their own Essence. They will shine new light to others, to us, and on it goes I am grateful and blessed my journey is to assist you on your path.

Please refer to the Contact Page to schedule any sessions or classes you may be interested in.  I encourage you to consider learning how to use this beautiful modality for yourself, family, and friends, so please contact me to discuss.  I too first began my journey with a few years of giving the love, light, and healing before creating my business and teaching.  It is amazing to have the knowledge and tools to support loved ones.  I am happy to discuss further all the modalities I offer. Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you.

“In the Higher Power’s Eyes, we are all the Same.  One day we will all have perfect wings.”

-as sung by Mark Wills


Upcoming Universal White Time Healing Classes:

Level One:  November 21st & 22nd , I hope you will call me, Rita on the Contact Page

Level Two:  Dates to be confirmed.  Please contact me if you are interested so the class can get scheduled. (Level One prerequisite)

Watch for more upcoming classes! Those who have taken Level One or One & Two are eligible for Upgrade and Initiation.  Anyone interested may have a Board of Knowledge session, no educational classes needed.  Please connect on the Contact page if you are interested. I look forward to talking with you.


Monthly Affirmations – 2014

OCTOBER: The following I received quite some time ago after attending a lecture by Ron Radhoff.  He emailed the message which was transcribed thru Suzann Carroll from the Arcturians.  It is about Fear.  I believe this is good time to share some of the text from the message.  It is quite long, and I have edited to decrease it’s size, yet hope I have given the information wisely.  So if anyone wishes to read the entire message please let me know and I will forward it to you.  I have selected some comments that I believe will be very helpful.  Much of it I/we have spoken of so the validation from the cosmic forces are welcomed.  Those of you who are my students of the Universal White Time Healing, as you continue your education classes, upgrades, and initiations in UWTH, I believe you will find much of what is said will resonate, if not already for yourself.  Much of the text is “deep” thought, I hope you take time to read this.

“We know that the most difficult emotion to deal with is fear.  Therefore…we have come to assist you in learning how to DETACH from fear. It is not easy, and often not wise, to ignore fear because it may be giving you a message important for your survival.  At this point in your process, your ego/self may be greatly threatened and feeling a great deal of ‘fear for survival.’ Your physical body responds to that fear…Perhaps, you have been overwhelmingly tired…With the download of the fifth and sixth dimensional vibrations and fragments of your higher SELF, it may feel as though there is not enough ‘room’ in your earth vessel…Everything seems to be going too slowly, and you have difficulty operating within this new system…These are all symptoms of your having difficulty integrating the higher frequencies of Light into your physical body.  Whenever your physical form has difficulty with integration, fear will grip your consciousness. It is a common coping mechanism to then place your attention on some external drama, but you don’t want to follow that pattern now…

You may be having difficulty maintaining a constant awareness of your true SELF while performing your mundane tasks of life.  Be patient with yourself as you are not yet complete with your integration process. 

Be patient for you are in the process of transformation, and  you are creating a new life. However, there is also a ‘you’ who is tenaciously holding on to your old life.  This battle between the old and the new activates your primal ‘fear for survival’.  It is your ego that is having this fear, for your Soul is joyous for your expanding consciousness…Feel your physical body now.  Feel every ache and pain.  Feel your dizziness and your overall sense of disorientation.  You are disoriented because you are in the process of shifting realities.  A higher frequency of Light has come into your earth vessel, as well as into your third dimensional reality.  You have released the desire to live in illusion and have welcomed your own higher frequency SELF into your earth vessel.  Because of this, your reality is shifting into a higher frequency of vibration.

Fear has been such a constant condition of your third dimensional experience that it has invaded every thought, every emotion, every action and every cell of your body.  However, remember…fear was meant to protect you from a dangerous world where survival was your goal and happiness a vaguely possible side effect.  Fear was placed into Gaia’s 3D frequency net, and into your consciousness, at the beginning of the 3D Game.  Fear is the edge that makes the game different from the Cosmic Flow from which you came. 

At this time in your planetary transmutation, you can edit out fear from your 3D matrix. As Gaia’s people merge their consciousness into Planetary Consciousness, you will ALL have the ability to re-write the program of your 3D Game. Observe fear, and feel the ‘feeling of fear’ without comment.  Then release it without discussion.  Fear is the waste material of the third dimension…As you focus on the 5th & 6th dimensional channels, the fear that once hid in your unconscious mind comes to the forefront of your awareness to be released.  From 5D & 6D channels, you can perceive fear that was too threatening for your lower ‘channels’ to consciously perceive. Confront fear with a calm recognition.  Excuse it from your Emotional Body.  Push it through your Mental Body-before you have a chance to think about it.  Allow your Causal Body to see the cause and effect of it, and your Spiritual Body to dissolve it with Unconditional Love…If it doesn’t attach to anything, it will merely FLOW through you.  When fear merely IS, and you do not attend to it, the energy field of fear begins to dissipate. 

Fear is a highly charged thought-form that wishes to experience physical life by attaching to humans.  A thought-form is a 3D thought that has taken life in the fourth dimension. All thought-forms that are ‘charged’ with emotion take on a life in the fourth dimension as ‘thought-forms’.  If you feed a thought-form with your conscious, or unconscious, attention, it will attach itself to matter and take on a 3D life…

Third dimensional thoughts are polarized in that the opposites are separated, i.e. good/bad, light/dark, and love/fear.  In the 5th dimension and beyond, love and fear are ONE.  We know that this concept is difficult for your grounded self to grasp.  Therefore, just allow the idea to settle into the imagination of your 5th dimensional thinking, and you will eventually understand/remember it.  With the polarity of love vs fear, the fear polarity is rushing toward DECENSION from a 4D thought-form into 3D matter.  The polarity of l0ve, on the other hand, is attracted to ASCENSION from a 4D, or 3D, thought-form to a 5D Lightbody…Fear moves towards the constriction of form and the limitations of separation from spirit, whereas love moves towards expansion and the freedom of unity with spirit.  Of course, by this we mean DIVINE LOVE, for too often human love is so laced with fear that it has lost its great ‘power of freedom’…

We, the Arcturians, commend you on your great progress into the Light, and in allowing the Light into you.  Your skies are filled with great Beings observing your planetary process. These Beings are continuously sending you love and encouragement.  One of these great Beings is your Future SELF, who wishes to share a message with you at this time. As we turn you over to your Future SELF, we surround each and every one of you with our Unconditional Acceptance, Unconditional Forgiveness and Unconditional Love.”


PLEASE NOTICE:  I am now offering personal Board of Knowledge consultation/sessions.  This unique Ancient Knowledge was taught by Channie West, our Ambassador of Universal White Time Healing, in July, 2013.  I was blessed to take the Board of Knowledge One and Two classes with this beautiful blessed soul, Channie, and become a Giver.  The Knowledge gives you an opportunity to open up so you can evolve and grow in the exact right direction for you.  Because we each are unique and you have your individual gift in life.  “Steps of Opening” are given, specific symbols for you, leading you closer your personal journey to Enlightenment.  Also, Channie is traveling to Fort Collins only to teach the Board of Knowledge Three in November, 2014.  She has not offered and held this class anywhere else in the United States!!  I/we are blessed!  Please refer to the Contact page to let me know you are interested in an in person or distance session. Thank you!

NOTICE: Students!  Remember upgrades are available between your education classes one and two.  Please reach me to schedule your upgrade.

See all affirmations…



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